Below are some great resources to peruse at your leisure!


Project M – Musings on Love, Marriage, and the Madness that Ensues
Project M aims to tell the truth about marriage. It aims to dispel the myths around marriage: to unromanticize marriage, but also occasionally to re-romanticize it. Project M seeks to think about marriage with fresh eyes, casting off all the preconceived notions that we have of this multi-millennial practice, all from the perspective of a married, artsy-fartsy, educated, Christian, twenty-something.

Engaged Marriage – Achieving the Extraordinary in Marriage… and in Life
The Marry Blogger came about after 6 years of marriage, and a realization that I was taking my marriage for granted. With a change of heart, and a change of ways (I struggled with porn) came a desire to  honor my marriage, and build the best one I can — while passing on what I learn to others

Intimacy In Marriage – Julie Sibert
Julie Sibert is a writer and speaker on sexual intimacy in marriage, with a passion for encouraging Christian women.  Known for her willingness to “call it like it is,” Julie sheds light on what is really going on behind closed doors.  Women appreciate her genuine recognition of sexual intimacy struggles – and the relevant God-honoring solutions that offer hope.