Romance Idea #6 – Hide a Love Note in the Pillowcase

During the day, write a sweet love note  that encourages, blesses, or compliments your honey, and slip it into her pillowcase. For those of you that are beginners… it’s OK if the note contains a few suggestive and spicy sentiments that make her blush ;-).

After a long day doing who knows what, she will rest her head on the pillow… It will crinkle, make a noise, and she will know “somethin’ ain’t right”. She will then reach into the pillowcase only to find your note!

Even better… you will be in the room with her and be able to see her face light up in appreciation and joy.

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Romance Idea #5 – “Honey-Do List” Operations Management (I’m Gonna Actually Do the Stuff)

First and foremost, I agree, honey and buttermilk biscuits are ridiculously delicious. Second, I agree, I wish I was eating some right now. Third, I agree, they are best when made from scratch by Grandma. Alas, this post is not about tasty food. It is about how I can love my wife better.

I first learned about the “Honey-Do List” about 3 weeks into marriage from some of my married friends. For those of you not “in the know”, a Honey-Do List is exactly what it sounds like, it is that growing list of gentle requests from your wife that you often hear in the form of “Honey” will you DO this… that… and/or the other thing. […]

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Romance Idea #3 – The Ridiculously Overwhelming Love Note List

Set aside quality quiet time for you to spend with a pen a few sheets of paper. You may also use a word processor, but there is something timeless and enchanting about good ole’ hand writing.

During this time, think through the many reasons you adore, cherish, desire, appreciate, love, admire, honor, relish, regard, respect, treasure, revere, esteem, praise, savor, extol… and WRITE THEM DOWN! […]

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