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The Man Problem in America: Are You a Boy, a Man, or a “Ban”?

As men pursue and reflect Christ… families change… churches change… communities change… the world changes. Unfortunately, this is not reality… it is not happening. We have a morbidly disgusting man problem in America…

We recently started going through the new membership classes at our wonderfully awesome church. As part of this first of 12ish classes, the teacher emphasized the importance and absence of male leadership in the church.

He referenced a couple really compelling resources that I thought I would share with you…

Resource 1 – Statistics on how a father’s church attendance impacts whether his children attend church in adulthood.

Resource 2 – An excerpt from a book entitled Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission by Darrin Matrick and Mark Driscoll on the unfortunate reality of how men in America waste their lives and resources while pursuing selfish indulgence.

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Focus on Your Marriage During the Holidays, Plan Your Commitments

It is amazing how we’ve made holidays that should be peaceful, relaxing, and loving into hectic mad-houses of frustration and exhaustion. We all seem to have this tendency to over commit and over extend ourselves with trips all over the state to appease parents, grand parents, sibling, aunts, uncles, family friends… the list is endless.

In the endless pursuit to make everyone happy, we grumble, have crappy attitudes, criticize, complain, yell at each other, only to get to our location and engage with family with exhaustion and superficiality. In doing this we risk emptying our marriages / families of love, compassion, and understanding.[…]

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