A Prayer for My Lovely Wife

A Prayer for My Lovely Wife

Dear Precious and Perfect Heavenly Father,

Thank for blessing me with such an amazing wife who I deeply cherish and desire. Please physically protect her as she pursues her work for the day. Watch over her as she drives on the road with crazy drivers, and engages in a hurting world of crazy people. When she is attacked by the enemy, by the Holy name and blood of Jesus Christ, I pray all oppression is muted and bounded, and that she feel the safety and protection of resting in your eternally all-powerful arms.

Help her be focused, authentic, engaging, and loving as she interacts with the people throughout the day. Help us both submit to the guiding love and light of the Holy Spirit as we relate with each other, family, friends, and strangers.

When she feels inadequate, unattractive, insignificant, insecure,  unsure, overwhelmed, exhausted, secluded, or unimportant, help her be able to identify those as lies from Satan and run to you for defining herself by and resting in her identity as a holy daughter of the creator of the universe. Help her deeply desire you. Nudge her to spend time reading the Bible, talking with you, and worshiping you. Help her seek strength, mission, and fulfillment in you.

Thank you for the relationships in our lives that affirm us as a couple, and thank you for the friends you have blessed her with that affirm her and hold her accountable. Please provide her with more Godly women to surround her, mentor her, listen to her, appreciate her, that she can lead, and that will love on her. Thank you for her desire to serve you, our church, and your people.

Please keep our minds pure in our desire and attraction for each other. Help us spiritually,  physically,  romantically, and emotionally pursue and pour into each other with our thoughts, words, and touch.

Please continue molding me into the man she deserves and that humbly pursues the noble responsibility of modeling Christ’s submission and servanthood to the church. Empower me with wisdom to lead her and our household as I submit to You.

Help me joyfully serve her in all I do. Help me remember to thank and affirm her as she serves and blesses me in so many ways, from genuinely caring about my day, to house work, to how she pursue you, to how she serves others in her life.

As I get fearful about her mortality, help me remember that you have merely loaned her to me for the entirety of our life. Thank you for allowing me the privelidge of loving her and learning about you through out relationship with you and each other.

Thank you God for who you are, who my wife is, who you are creating her to be, and the blessing of our marriage.

I pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ whom you sacrificed on the cross so we may be in direct relationship and communion with you for all eternity.



  1. Victor Ntlatseng

    Thank you for this prayer,and I pray that God would protect our marriages through out the world that the devil must not have laughter.May God enlarge your territory and blessing to you,wife and your offspring,in Jesus name.

    Your in Christ

  2. Victor Osborne

    Thank you Lord for this prayer before I lay down to sleep, I may close my eyes in peace.
    Peace is my thoughts and prayers tonight.

  3. Francis Mwelwa

    I thank you for this prayer I have used to cover my wife who is out of the country on duty.

  4. Greig Francis

    Awesome and true

  5. eric howard

    Thank Jesus for everything

  6. MARK

    Thank you to God for the wife I have, for she has blessed me so in my life. God gave me an opitunity in life and that is to marry the lady I have today, she has completed me with the Lord.

    Praise the Lord God for this.

  7. King

    Thank you Lord for blessing me with my wife she is an true blessing and an gift for heaven. I ask you Lord to continue being the center piece of our Marriage to hold it together.

    Thank you Lord for the opportunity you’ve give me to love my wife with all my heart.

  8. NKENG


  9. Dave

    Thank You, Lord for my beautiful wife. She is the gift you gave to me. I pray that you help us to glorify You in everything we do. Protect her, she is the one I cherish.

  10. Tunde sosan

    Wow,this touched me so much. I was searching online for a prayer for my wife to appreciate her on her birthday and also to encourage me to pray more steadfastly for her.God bless you so much for this beautiful prayer and I pray that this seed you have sown in our hearts will even multiply in your life,Amen.God bless you.

  11. Dave

    Thank you Lord, for Lisa. She was truly a gift from You. I thank You for our life together. I pray that she submits everything to You and Your glory. Protect her from Satan and all the pressures in her life. I pray that she always knows that You walk with her daily and that I love her with all my heart.

  12. Joe

    I pray for the both myself and my wife that we both have long life prosperity peace happiness and all the thing you God what us to have Thank you father for being who you are Thank you in Jesus name A

  13. James

    Thank You Father for I am in the depth of sorrow, as I did not serve my wife Rita as I should have.
    I was gifted a true Angel from Heaven. I was unable to set aside my stresses from work, a huge lawsuit and the loss of my career and home. I was not the loving husband I wanted to be and my wife who I adore and Love with all my being left one day and I have only spoken to her once in the 2 1/2 years she has been gone, she also left with my daughter Nicole and my little boy James III. I pray this prayer several times each day and several other prayers for The Lord to reach my Angel On Earth my wife Rita …I promise to never ever treat her poorly and love her as Christ loves his church.
    please protect her and keep her and my children safe.
    Thank You Father

  14. Alan Siaw

    Thank you for this prayer that I had prayed for my wonderful wife.

  15. Pattucha

    Thank you for the blessings.

  16. Ricky Diaz

    Amen to this awesome prayer

  17. Linus Kebio

    Thank you for this wonderful prayer. Thank you Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

  18. moses ngotho

    Powerful prayers

  19. Marc Romero

    Thank you for such a beautiful prayer. I thank you my heavenly father God for restoring my marriage and family to me after so many years being lost in this world without them. Help me God to love my wife just as you love the church. Lord Jesus let this prayer inspire every man that reads it to pray for his wife and family. Help us all be the priest of our homes! Amen!

  20. chally

    Thank you Jesus 4such a beautiful wife you gave me. Bless her with all things in Jesus name Amen

  21. LeShon

    Lord I give you honor and praise for giving me the opportunity to share life with my Beautiful, your darling daughter. I pray this prayer for my wife in your son Jesus name. Father I additionally ask that you Bless her beyond comprehending. Give me all that I need to be the husband she needs me to be to her. Amen

  22. keith

    Thank you lord Jesus for all what you have done for me, and i am really hoping and praying that myself and wife can rebuild our marriage and for my wife’s love to grow stronger every day for me,i really truly love my wife and my 3 girls with all my heart and miss them so much every day,Please lord Jesus i pray and hope that my request will be answered,THANK YOU SO MUCH WITH MY HEART FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING.KEITH

  23. Keith Murphy

    Please pray that i can be united with my wife and kids and we can be a family again, i really miss them so much, the pain i have is hurting me every day that i am away from them,please also pray that everything we are going through will be over and no court cases will happen for anything, and thing will work out for us,Please i really need prayers to help with the return of my wife and kids, and that there will be no court for anything thank you all for all the prayers. Amen

  24. Johnny P

    Thank you lord for this wonderful day, thank you for giving your son for our sins. I know that my son you gave to me for 23 years wax always your. Sorry my lord for loving him so much and not paying attention to you. Since then my life has been left empty and I need help. Bless my wife that you gave me, come into her heart and mind and make her realized that I love her and will gave the world for her. Let her see god how much she means to me. Protect her from sickness and dangers of this world. Protect her from the devil and when she is unsure about my love, remind her my lord. Thank you for her.

  25. Raymond

    Thank you for this prayer. My wife have been covered by the blood of the Lamb as she travelled outside the country. She shall return rejoicing and praising God all through her life. Amen

  26. Tayo

    Thank you for this prayer.God bless you.

  27. Fideltech

    This is inspiring. I thank God for your life.

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