For some reason, I am feeling a bit froggy and have decided to proclaim one of my many character flaws to the world. I have decided to change this about me forevermore so I can show greater consideration towards my wonderful wifey. World, here goes nothin’ …

I am the quintessential “LATE GUY”

There we go. I said it. Meow.  The cat is out of the bag (I’ve always thought that as such an odd expression). I am “The Late Glateuy”… you know, the punk who is 5-20 minutes late EVERYWHERE, all the time. My lovely, however, is a punctual Patty.

This is one of the many ways my personality is different than my wife’s. She plans ahead and is always on time. She is one of those weird people who says, and actually lives by “on time is late, and early is on time.” She makes sure everything is collected prior to departure. She plans her route. She plans for weather conditions. She ACTUALLY plans for traffic. She shows up early, a.k.a. on time, and ready.

I am The Late Guy because I am delusional. I have been like this for as long as I can remember. I operate in another dimension.  Somehow I find no less than 42 things I can and MUST accomplish in the last 10-20 minutes before a scheduled departure to destination anywhere. During that time I am absolutely “in the zone”. I am hyper-productive. It feels like a scene from The Matrix.

I know what you are thinking though, and shut your mind right now. Stop being a punk. Really… I am productive in my time wormhole. I live in this alternate universe where time literally bows to me by standing still. The problem, however, is that it really doesn’t.  Dang. I just admitted it again.

Bless my wife, she tries her absolute best to not show her frustration or nag me as I blatantly disregard and lie to her. She honestly does an amazing job. She is a rockstar. However, whether or not I’ll admit it (which it seems I am doing here / now)… it causes unnecessary stress in our lives every week.

Why This Matters – Leading in Consideration

Here is a swanky bullet list for why I need to and WILL change.

  • If it can be helped, which is almost always the case… being late is just inconsiderate to everyone involved.
  • As much as I’d like to deny it, it is stressful for me.
  • My wife admittedly gets frustrated. Why should I be OK with causing my wife any frustration?
  • I should care about what my wife cares about. I like when she is happy.
  • I should desire to be a man of integrity in ALL things, which includes following through when I tell my wife “We will DEFINITELY leave on time… this time!”

As of today, I will be a different man in this aspect of my life.  I will no longer be The Late Guy. Congratulations to me! Feel free to follow-up with me or my delightful snookums ask my wife how I’m doing.

Discussion Questions

  • Can you think of any similar action that causes any tidbit of unnecessary stress in your marriage that can be easily addressed?
  • How and why are you being a little delusional by not admitting it has any effect in any part of your marriage?
  • How can you change? (and actually do it!)

We’d love to hear your stories!