Romance Idea #2 – Car Wash With Love, Candy, and Care

Romance Idea #2 – Car Wash With Love, Candy, and Care

Here’s a quick idea for how to show your spouse that you are thinking about her, want to take care of her, and want to be a bit romantic. If you are anything like us, your cars get pretty dirty inside and out after, let’s say… 5 months without a nice wash. As of now, I can only imagine how bad it can get if you have a gaggle of munchkins hiding stale french fries in the back seat cushion!

Find a time when you can snag your wife’s vehicle and either wash it yourself or take it to the local car wash for a nice thorough scrubby work up. Make sure to go ahead and invest the time or money in the inside vacuuming, rim shine, and tire Afro-sheen.

Quick side story: Apparently I never learned how to wash a car correctly. A while back I painstakingly invested 1.5 hours during the primo heat of the day (one of many mistakes) washing my wife’s car. After drying it, I stepped back to marvel at my completed work and was instantly discouragingly deflated at how streaky and unfinished it looked. I then swore I would not waste my time again, and have taken the Ford Explorer to the car wash ever since.

Now here is when the “good” romance idea becomes great. Your wife will already appreciate her squeaky clean vehicle… imagine how elated she will be to find a small gift in the driver seat, a sweet love letter, a Post-It note scavenger hunt, and/or her favorite candy (make sure it won’t melt!!). ¬†Go wild, do all of the above!

Your wife will appreciate your romantic consideration! If you recall our previous post on The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, doing all of the above is great example of combining Acts of Service, Gift giving, and Words of Affirmation

Go do it, and let us know how it turns out!

Have you done this before? If so, how did your wife respond?

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