Romance Idea #3 – The Ridiculously Overwhelming Love Note List

Romance Idea #3 – The Ridiculously Overwhelming Love Note List

This is another quick, inexpensive, and simple idea for showing your spouse how much you love him/her.

Set aside quality quiet time for you to spend with a pen and several sheets of paper. You may also use a word processor, but there is something timeless and enchanting about good ole’ hand writing. During this time, think through the many reasons you adore, cherish, desire, appreciate, love, admire, honor, relish, regard, respect, are complimented by, treasure, revere, esteem, praise, savor, and extol your lovely spouse… and WRITE THEM DOWN!

Compliment your spouse’s attitude, knowledge, patience, peace, compassion, passion, desires, successes, eccentricities, actions, triumphs, achievements, heart, spirit, care, compassion, body, touch, ¬†and efforts. Also, think about how your spouse has positively affected you, your family, your relatives, colleagues, strangers, and any other spheres of influence.¬†Initially the list will easily pour from your heart, but eventually you will hit a wall and this is when the exercise can become more introspective and meaningful for both you and eventually your spouse.

Bring God into this process! Pray for wisdom, submission, and a servant’s heart, in focusing on your spouse. Also, thank Him for the blessing of your spouse and all his/her unique attributes, gifts, and strengths as a child of God. Your dearly beloved has been intentionally loaned to you by the creator of the universe for a whatever period of time you are blessed with each other on Earth.

There are not any steadfast rules for this, each bullet point can be a few words, a complete sentence, or more. Our goal is to be descriptive and thoughtful. Make this adoring love list… ridiculously and overwhelmingly long. Perhaps you should work on it over the course of a few days. Imagine the joy and love your spouse will feel when you hand him/her this 3-10 page list of glowing affirmation!

This Romantic Love Note List is fantastic for 2 Main Reasons

  1. During this process you set aside time to remind yourself of the plethora of reasons you love your spouse. You are also reminded of his/her giftedness.
  2. Your spouse will appreciate the time you invested to write the list, the content of the list, AND have something that can be referenced in times of joy, loneliness, insecurity, etc

Now, go and do this! Write the dang Love Note List!

What was this experience like for you? How did your spouse respond to it? Let us know how it goes!

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