Romance Idea #5 – “Honey-Do List” Operations Management (I’m Gonna Actually Do the Stuff)

Romance Idea #5 – “Honey-Do List” Operations Management (I’m Gonna Actually Do the Stuff)

First and foremost, I agree, honey and buttermilk biscuits are ridiculously delicious. Second, I agree, I wish I was eating some right now. Third, I agree, they are best when made from scratch by Grandma. Alas, this post is not about tasty food. It is about how I can love my wife better.

I first learned about the “Honey-Do List” about 3 weeks into marriage from some of my married friends. For those of you not “in the know”, a Honey-Do List is exactly what it sounds like, it is that growing list of gentle requests from your wife that you often hear in the form of “Honey” will you DO this… that… and/or the other thing. Since most men are probably dumb like me, other variations may include:

  • Will you please do…
  • When you get the chance, will you…
  • I’ll be so happy when you…
  • Gosh golly, it would be great if you…

If you have any other variations on the above list, please let me know!

Tonight, as my wife and I headed into a movie, we had the exchange below:

  • Me: “AHA! (in my head)… I have a great idea of something I’m going to blog about tonight and hopefully actually do”.
  • Wife: “Uh oh… what?”
  • Me: “You know the concept of a “Honey-Do List”, right?”
  • Wife: “Yup”
  • Me: “What if we really maintained a tangible list, and every month or twice a month I plotted dates and times on the calendar that you could depend on me doing those things.”
  • Wife: <cue big goofy grin>

This big goofy grin is usually the “Heck Ya” or “Attaboy” that I need. It is the equivalent of a cartoony scene with sirens, bells, whistles, and illuminated signs.

My wife also gently pointed out an important caveat, “Does that mean that you will move the stuff on the couch that’s been sitting there since you got back from your trip last week”. She honestly said that in a loving, non-naggy way. I should not use the scheduled “Honey-Do List Operational Execution Day” as way of putting off actions I should be doing anyway, such as … putting away the junk I’ve hidden under a blanket on the couch in our bedroom that has been sitting there for 7 days and counting.

So that’s it folks… that’s the big “Romance Idea” that will allow me to give my Honey a hunky helping of Act-of-Service lovin’.

The first Honey-Do List Day is scheduled for a 3 hour block this upcoming Saturday, October 2. I’ll let you know how it goes

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