Romance Idea #1 – Share a Daily Love Journal with Your Spouse

Romance Idea #1 – Share a Daily Love Journal with Your Spouse

Let’s face it, day-to-day life can get extremely  hectic in the busy body culture we live in, rife with a plethora of distractions, buzzers, and constantly full or filling family calendars and commitments.  As life whizzes by during the week, it’s important to make an intentional effort to stay connected with your spouse and to snag a few quiet moments to celebrate marriage and your spouse.

The “Love Journal” is a delightfully easy and creative way to engage with and romance your spouse. The idea is quite simple… scurry down to your local store of choice (or your handy home office supply file cabinet) and select a journal / notebook that you will devote specifically to writing love notes to your spouse. Every day, spend a few moments penning a paragraph or letter thanking, affirming, complimenting, appreciating, arousing, apologizing, praying for, and authentically communicating with your lover.

Each morning, quarterback hand-off the journal to your spouse before the day gets going. Then, during the day, the reader should respond with reciprocal entry and pass it back. Women can stash the notebook in their Mary Poppins-style purses, and men can file it away in their briefcases or backpacks and read it during the day for smile and emotional connection.

Many people, including my wife, often express themselves better in writing. However, others may be equally intimidated. Thou doth not haveth to writeth like Shakespeare,  simply share your heart! Regardless, this provides a great opportunity to exercise this valuable and creative communication method.

Another important note, don’t forget to date the entries! Over time you will create a memoir of your marriage that you can revisit and reminisce about with each other. While some of the entries could get decidedly ~steamy~, you are also creating a family heirloom that your children will one day cherish. Ideally, as you genuinely communicate with and serve each other, you will model and document a Christ-centered marriage to anyone who reads the notebook.

Men, your wife will ABSOLUTELY adore this step of leading in romance! Never underestimate how your wife is honored when you go out of your way to share your heart with and make her feel special. Keeping a daily journal definitely requires intentional effort. This also has a tendency to be one of those activities like dish washing or vacuuming that can rev your wife’s engines, and I call that a win-win!

You may not write in your journal every single day, but do your best, the point is to be intentional with romance. My wife and I have moderate success with this… while sometimes we may not prioritize it for a couple weeks, other times we will pass the journal 4-5 times per week.

Let us know if you try this and how it affects your marriage!

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  1. Heather

    We love this idea! My husband and I decided to start keeping a Christian Marriage journal and I googled the idea and found this. I think this website is perfect for young Christian couples!!

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