“We Bought A Zoo” – A Charming & Inspirational Story

“We Bought A Zoo” – A Charming & Inspirational Story

Last night, my wife and I went on a classic dinner and date night. After chowing down on tasty Mexican food at Chipotle, we ventured to Regal Cinemas to watch “We Bought a Zoo” (see trailer at the bottom of this post). It is a charming and inspirational story about Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) dealing with the sudden loss of his wife, parenting two children as a widower, and ultimately purchasing and managing a foreclosed, run-down zoo.

I dislike that my first response to “good” movies is thankfulness for what’s NOT in it! There is minimal cursing, no sexual imagery, no lustful activities between men/women, etc. For whatever reason, I am often reminded of James 1:27, which emphasizes “…keep oneself unstained from the world.”  While I constantly have that verse on my mind and am sensitive to the entertainment I pursue and enjoy; I do not respond to it accordingly as often as I should or would like.

Ultimately, the story is about dealing with loss, the meaning and value of family / relationships, the power of authentic communication / humility, friendship, diligence in pursuing a vision, being adventurous, and the beauty of God’s creation in nature (although not stated as such in the movie).

Other and more dynamic writers can provide eloquent synopses of the movie. I suggest watching the trailer below.

All in all… it was a nice and enjoyable movie that I had the pleasure of enjoying with my delightful wife.

“We Bought A Zoo” Movie Trailer

The Real Story – Dartmoor Zoo & the Mee Family

If you see this movie AND are a dork like me, you will undoubtedly be interested in learning more about the Mee family, the zoo, and the real people that make up the real story. Below are some resources you may find intriguing:

Dartmoor Zoological Park (http://www.dartmoorzoo.org/) – This is the real zoo, located in England.

A picture of the real Mee Family… aren’t they cute?

We Bought a Zoo: The Amazing True Story of a Young Family, a Broken Down Zoo, and the 200 Wild Animals that Changed Their Lives Forever” – The book authored by Benjamin Mee. Click below to order from Amazon.com.

A CBS News profile and interview with Benjamin Mee.

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