Welcome to Christian Marriage Spice!

Hello world! Christian Marriage Spice is launching to define, promote, discuss,defend, extol, and celebrate Christ’s amazing gift of marriage between a man and woman. My wife and I have been married for nearly 2 years, and while every single day is not necessarily perfectly filled with singing birds, frolicking in daisy fields, rainbows, and unicorns… we absolutely adore each other and LOVE being married.

I appreciate and love my beautiful wife so much more now than I did when we were dating or at the beginning of our marriage. I can only imagine how deep my desire and care for her will be if we are hopefully blessed with 50 wonderfully wrinkly, laughter-filled years of unity.

We are going to use this blog as a resource for all things marriage… devotions, romance ideas, book reviews, and discussions on affirmation, communication, evangelism, romance, sexy sexy sex, love languages, Christ, popular culture, the media, struggles, submission, questions, confusions, intimacy, honesty, awkwardness, women / men issues, and much more! This blog is for MARRIED couples, so some posts may potentially be inappropriate for single folks.

In all authenticity, we are also going to use this as a method for keep us accountable to each other and with Christian brothers and sister. With that said, we want to hear from you! We want to know your questions, thoughts, points, confusions, affirmations and whatever else you will bring.

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