Focus on Your Marriage During the Holidays, Plan Your Commitments

It is amazing how we’ve made holidays that should be peaceful, relaxing, and loving into hectic mad-houses of frustration and exhaustion. We all seem to have this tendency to over commit and over extend ourselves with trips all over the state to appease parents, grand parents, sibling, aunts, uncles, family friends… the list is endless.

In the endless pursuit to make everyone happy, we grumble, have crappy attitudes, criticize, complain, yell at each other, only to get to our location and engage with family with exhaustion and superficiality. In doing this we risk emptying our marriages / families of love, compassion, and understanding.[…]

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Welcome to Christian Marriage Spice!

Hello world! Christian Marriage Spice is launching to define, promote, discuss,defend, extol, and celebrate Christ’s amazing gift of marriage between a man and woman. My wife and I have been married for nearly 2 years, and while every single day is not necessarily perfectly filled with singing birds, frolicking in daisy fields, rainbows, and unicorns… we absolutely adore each other and LOVE being married.

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