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A Quick Guide to Being the Perfect Husband – “What Would / Did Jesus Do?”

Men… how would you feel if every time you poured your heart out to Christ, He responded with…”Will you please hurry up and get to the point. Not this again! Really, guy? I’ve listened to this SO many times. Why can’t you do this right? You are like a broken record. I’m tired of listening to this, you’ve had your share of grace. Blah blah blah blah. Jesus… out”.

In my head, this is where Jesus forms His holy (yes, that has dual meaning) hand in that goofy, hackneyed pinky-thumb phone structure and hangs up from the prayer.

While I definitely do not talk to my wife like that, surely I do in my actions more often than I should (which, of course, is never). This quick example really made me think about what it means to be the “Head” of and Christlike figure in my marriage in how I love and serve my sexy wife. […]

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Devotional: For Better or Worse, In Health & If Handicapped – A Love Story Excerpt

I read the selection below in James Merritt’s How to Be a Winner and Influence Anybody: The Fruit of the Spirit as the Essence of Leadership.  Merritt actually excerpted the passage from David Ireland’s book Letters to an Unborn Child. Ireland had a debilitating neurological disease that confined him to a wheelchair. He knew he might never have the opportunity to enjoy a relationship with or see his unborn child grow up, so he wrote a book with letters to the unborn child.

God desires to change our hearts and reveal his beauty, love, and sacrifice to us more than he seeks to use his God-magic-wand to change the circumstances. […]

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Confession: I am a Guy and I Love Going to Weddings

Last weekend we enjoyed the privilege of attending a beautiful and intimate wedding at Surf & Sand Resort, an oceanfront hotel in fantastic Laguna Beach, California. I was quite impressed when the bride did not freak out as weather forced the last minute change of moving the planned feet-in-the-sand ceremony to another location at the resort.

Without further ado (I’ve always thought the word “ado” as quite silly)… I’m a guy, and I love weddings.

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The Little Stuff: Joyful Marriage Love in Making the Pillowy Bed Every Morning

All too often you hear stories of  “Tornado Husbands” that unnecessarily and inconsiderately leave a wake of disarray as they meander through their homely habitats. Wives will inevitably feel  frustrated, resentful, exhausted, disrespected, offended, overwhelmed, sad, and more. Yes, there is definitely a balance to this, but more often than not, men get lazy. Yes, days can be long and exhausting, but get over yourself.

I remember the beginning of our marriage, after my brand-spanking new wife and I started living together, I was and am still amazed by the “little stuff” that matters to her. Do not misunderstand me, I am not complaining! I am merely an amateur anthropologist documenting surely staggering phenomena. Since I am the most perceptive husband in the world, I have observed the following […]

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Lowly Woman: Cook, Clean, Make Babies & SUBMIT to Your Husband

Pardon the ridiculous title, but I bet we gotcha readin’ didn’t we? Yes folks, we used the “S” word… today we are going to take a few moments to explore the frightful topic of “marital submission”. What is the Bible’s CORE message about submission? What does submission actually look like within a Christian marriage?

“Submit” is really just a sensationally saucy word for “serve” […]

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The Dream Team: Being Irrefutably & Joyfully United in Your Marriage

We had a wonderful discussion at bible study / small group last night that I definitely want to share with all of you. This simple analogy may seem a bit macho, but I assure you it is powerful and can transform how you relate, live, and communicate with your spouse.

Consider how your approach to so many aspects of your marriage would change if you looked at your marriage as a truly united and cohesive TEAM.

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